The Centre for Catalysis and Sustainable Chemistry is enthusiastic about our vision of cleaner and more sustainable chemical and energy industries. We want to reach out with this vision and share it with enthusiastic chemistry students. We seek to do this via courses taught at DTU, by supervising projects for dedicated students in the centre and by reaching out to other educational institutions, e.g. high school chemistry classes.

If you share or vision at CSC and want to contribute by performing your BSc./MSc. or special project within one of our ongoing research areas, please do not hesitate to contact us

We offer a number of opportunities to interested students and classes:

  • Supervision of motivated high-school students for last-year written assignments (SSO) here at the centre within some of our research areas.
  • Giving lectures in high school chemistry classes, which will are held by active researchers working in the field.  

As an inspiration for students and teachers alike, we refer to the books by researchers from DTU Kemi, Chemical Horizons, each of which one class set of books have been given to all Danish high schools.

CSC hosts and is responsible for the following courses on an advanced level (MSc/PhD level):

Furthermore, PhD students and scientific core personnel from CSC are teaching fully or partly in the following courses on DTU (courses taught in Danish):